Facilitating settlement by
mediation in a non-adversarial

FLSC provides a team of dedicated accredited professional mediators who are committed to facilitating couples and families through mediation and separation

Family Law Settlement Centres aim to assist clients:

  • make arrangements that are in the best interests of your children and establish cooperative parenting for the future
  • work together to achieve an outcome that you can live with in the future
  • access information in clear, simple and accessible forms
  • navigate your way through the family law process in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • reduce stress and anxiety by assisting resolution in a timely manner
  • focus on moving forward rather than entering adversarial and costly legal proceedings

Our promise is to:

Provide clients with a friendly courteous and confidential service, ensure the safety of children and parties are paramount, conduct mediations impartially and neutrally
and conclude proceedings efficiently.

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Settlement Process

Party A   -    Party B

Register as clients

Assigned case file number

Appointed senior accredited mediator

Intake documents emailed

Start communication with mediator

Start coaching process with mediator

Start settlement negotiations with mediator working towards a constent order application

Sign Consent Orders Application

FLSC files Application in the Family Court Registry

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